some advice for reaching out to the homelss

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some advice for reaching out to the homelss

Post  thanatos on Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:33 am

because I get asked about my handouts and methods I thought I would post this here for everyone.
these are not hard and fast rules, you have to be patient and find out what works best for you.

first here is a list of things you can give out. add to it or subtract depending on conditions and availability of items
agencies wont be much help except for bread. they tend to be politically correct so they wont suggest things like peanut butter. if people are allergic to anything they will trade it themselves for what they can use.

item to include-

peanut butter for protein
cereal bars (they hold on to these for later)
water rule of three applies here, three weeks without food, three days without water, three minutes without air
socks-really important for health just ask Master legend about these
tarps or plastic sheets for rain protection minimum size 4 by 8 ft
jam or jelly for quick energy
quick first aid supplies such as band aids
grooming items such as shampoo, disposable razor soap
plastic spoons
disposable lighters
single service instant coffee- they dant carrya jar very well
toilet paper
pocket pack kleenex
combs and hair brush
tooth paste and brush
tampons and pads for women
alcohol wipes
heavy plastic bag for carrying things
chocolate bars or seasonal candy. remember the holidays, little things mean a lot to those who have nothing

also give them a card with your superhero name so they know who you are and that they have a friend
no religious notes or handouts. don't preach-give help instead. actions speak louder than words
take time to talk with them and learn their names, chances are you will see them again and again
carry a good large first aid kit and be prepared to use it. I was crossed trained as a medic/field medicine in the army
I spend out of my own pocket as most stores don't help much. network with friends and people you work with as well.
also ask them what they can use

on making contact

be cautious and careful, somebody like that could turn violent very quickly.
wear protection (armor),
be open and friendly when approaching no matter how you look. start with hello and tell them that you have something for them.
NEVER come up and shake them awake.
keep a safe distance (six feet or more) and approach slowly when you have their attention with open hands.
tell them what you are, then who you are.
if they don't want anything don't force it on them. be polite and leave.
if they don't want you close then set the items down and back away.
do not turn your back on them, it could upset them and make them angry
ask them their name and use it every time you encounter them
make a bundle that they can unwrap so everything is not falling out of your hands
if they are in the middle of doing drugs say nothing and ignore what they are doing but don't stop just because of the drug usage you see
if they are on the ground get down (squat) to their level
act like a superhero from the comics (brave, tall and friendly)

be patient. it took me months to get some to even acknowledge me let alone talk to me.

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Re: some advice for reaching out to the homelss

Post  Professor S on Sat Mar 27, 2010 4:00 pm

Sometimes on listia they have small denominations of wal-mart gift cards. I might be able to precour these these for you. I will take a look about the other stuff.

Also, perhaps water filters, camping foam sleeping mats, and stainless steel water bottles would be good to add to the list. Water filters would let people get drinks of water from unpure places. Camping foam sleeping mats, would let people during winter have a warm place to sleep on the ground and keep them from dying from cold exposure. Stainless steel water bottles would be good becaue people can take hot drinks in them, as well as cold drinks. Also they are less likely to be punctured. Also if they had to defend themselves they could always use the water bottle.

If I help out with the homeless it's going to be through a homeless shelter. That way I will be part of the group of people. Also, if I leave my there will be someone to continue the work.

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