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on gang violence

Post  thanatos on Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:53 am

Subject: gang violence can effect us all Mon 20 Jul 2009, 19:26


I was going to sit down tonight and write a blog and some post on the different boards promoting my involvment with Easter Seals this year.
Because of events I learned about and also experienced today I have something else to share instead.

Her name is Parkesh and her family comes from a part of Northern India. Her and her husband came to Canada in their twenties to make a new life for themselves. It was'nt easy in those days with people discriminating according to skin color and where you were from.
But they worked hard and started a small trucking firm that has grown to a fleet of over 70 trucks since starting with only one. Eight sons and four daughters came along over the years along with grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The children are all grown now and either work for their company or have a busness of their own.
Good people.
They lived in their small apartment on Main street for over twenty years and for most of that time life was secure. They never locked their door until events that started last year in the building attached to theirs. The first floor are stores and the apartments are on the second floor.
New people moved in. Indian like themselves but with yong sons that ran with a rough crowd. Noise and fighting became commen in the small area. Petty crime went up and a store was robbed at gunpoint.
Then friends of the sons began to show up in the area. Rough people. Gang members. Drugs started being sold out of the building and Parkesh took to locking the door. She feared the street outside but enjoyed her little home.

In March of this year six people were shot and injured and two killed in the apartment next door when a shoot-out occured over drug dealing. Bullits went flying everywhere and a .41 magnum round came through the wall a foot over Parkesh as she lay in bed. it shattered a 200 year old elephant carved out of ivory. A family heirloom.
Police swarmed the area and talked to everyone. Parkesh was very upset and while talking to police she collapsed to the floor with a heart attack.
She was taken to hospital where she managed to pull through. She returned home in May. Her family spoke about how she would refuse to leave her apartment. She let herslef go and began a downward spiral of worsening health. Her family worried about her.

Today at around noon a large truck stalled in the street. In the course of getting it started again it emited a loud backfire that sounded like a gun going off.
Parkesh, sitting with two of her sons dropped to the floor, her heart stopped from fright. She died as a result of fear over what has happened earlier this year.
Police are adding her to the number of killed, they intend to prosicute those responsible in the next few months for her murder as well as the two others.

I pray that justice is served for her.

This is an example of how the violence of gangs can keep reaching out and touching people. This is why I hate the gangs like I do.
Just something to think about.

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