the baker street irregulars

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the baker street irregulars

Post  thanatos on Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:44 am

First, for those of you who don't read Sherlock Holmes, the Baker Street Irregulars were the street kids of London who reported to and passed information to Mr. Holmes on a regular basis. He had his own little intel network.
The Shadow and the Green Hornet both had something similar as did Doc Savage. (The 'graduates' from Doc's upstate 'hospital')
When gathering intellegence your simply getting information from as many sources as you can. when you have multiple sources that report on a semi-regular basis, you have a network.
Building such a network takes time and some ingenuity these days. you want people you can trust and who trust you enough to give you the information your looking for. you want people who see things and know what's going on in their little corner of the world.
It's been my observation that street people, like in the days of Holmes, are everywhere and see everything that's going on around them.
Now, I wanted to help them and the monthly handouts are a good way to do that. I realized that by doing the handouts I would also become friend to many and perhaps win their trust.
There are quite a few now that I see regularly during my handouts and also during the month. (I check up on them now and then) Several have started talking more and more with me and are starting to tell me things and allow me to ask a few general questions. It is surprizing just how much they know about what is going on.
The Shadow's netowrk of informents had rings, given to them by the Shadow, I con't remember what the Green Hornets network used. I decided I would do something similar.

I picked up about a dozen of these wrist bands at the dollar store. When I saw them I knew I had found my little identification thing.
I am going to give some of the people who talk with me a band. I'll tell him it marks him as a friend and will help to identify other of my friends he might encounter.
I'm not quite sure where this will lead but I do know it's the start of something.
it worked in the comics right? I'm based on comics, right?

I'll keep you all posted on how things develop. this could still take some time but that's ok.
I'm here for a while.
No hurry.

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