why we have to keep light hearts in order to do this

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why we have to keep light hearts in order to do this

Post  thanatos on Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:35 am

We have to take what we do very seriously. if we dont people could get hurt, or worse killed. we could get hurt or killed.

that being true let me tell you all a little bit about the world I live in....

I cant go into detail about what I do for a living as I work in a VERY conservative part of the death industry. Yes, you read that right, the death industry. it encompasses everything from funerals to medical research to legal investigation and law enforcement. it is a very big field and very interesting. in my job I get the chance to see stuff you only see on TV. I often get to do things that others dont want to do and wont do. I was part of the effort after Katrina that helped recover human remains from the storm damage. I see death everyday at work. sometimes the things I see are so sad that lessor men would quit and never return. I've quit the industry several times but keep coming back where others run far away from it and everything it touches.
I cant do that. people rely on me. people that have to go on living.

how do I cope? its very hard sometimes. I often come home and tell my family about things I see and hear and they end up with tears in their eyes. even doing this RLSH thing we do I've seen stuff that would tear your heart out. you think my little story about Rose living and dying on the street was sad you aint heard nothing yet. As Thanatos I experience things that lessor people shun and try to ignore.
I cant. that's just me.
so how do I cope?
I try to keep my heart lite and enjoy humor and fun both with my family and friends and those I met only on the boards and those I interact with. if you dont find a way to let off some of the sadness and replace it with laughter you will find it harder and harder to do this until the day comes when you cant any longer. the depression will get to you if you let it. if you take this too seriously you will get so depressed that you may even consider suicide.
think I'm kidding? think I'm wront?
go read about George Reeves, Superman. go read about others who do rescue work, or police. see what their suicide rate is like.
I'm not saying make this all a joke and fun and games, but I am saying for your own mental health have some fun and joke with others like yourself. it wont kill you. it could save your life or that of someone you care about. did'nt all the superheroes in those comics we read have a sense of humor. I seem to remember Batman laughing.
I'm not putting anyone down for what they are doing or believe in. all I'm saying is be well rounded and enjoy a laugh now and then. smile. you might be surprised at the response you get, even behind a mask.

thank you for reading this, now go out and save the world with a smile on your face and a lighter heart.
oh, and loosen the spandex a bit, please..,

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