Never Too Old (or young,) to Learn...

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Never Too Old (or young,) to Learn...

Post  Anyman on Thu Feb 13, 2014 11:52 am

First of all, thanks for accepting me to this board.

You'll notice a reluctance to add personal pronouns in messages; whenever personal pronouns are added, they are usually preceded with phrases like, "personally", or "in my opinion", etc. This is because of the philosophy behind this persona. To sum it up, "Anyman" is meant to be, as literally as possible, "any man". Any references to a personal identity are supposed to be kept minimal, and reduced, when at all possible. Personally, I believe it is ideal to focus on the people, rather than myself, and inspire them to self-reliance... to see themselves as the heroes they can be, no matter what their circumstances, rather than to be recognized as their hero, myself.

If there are any questions, everyone is encouraged to ask.

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