ten little slips of paper

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ten little slips of paper

Post  thanatos on Wed Aug 25, 2010 7:58 pm

I have these little slips of paper that I hand out with my bundles to those I help. On one side is my logo and my name. on the other side I just write one word, 'friend'. I print them up myself on my computer each month and alwsys put one in each bundle that I give out. their nothing fancy or even that good. the ink runs when wet and their just ordinary paper.
I've been doing that for almost three years now. at first I wondered if the little slips of paper meant anything to those I give them to. I wondered if they kept them or just tossed them away.
Several months after I started this I got the first one back. it came from the morgue where a young man by the name of David ended up. he had little with him, just some used tickets for the bus and my little slip of paper. He kept that with him for reasons only he could explain.
over time I have gotten several more back the same way. the people I give them too hang on to them and keep them safe for their own reasons. maybe it reminds them of the crazy guy in the costume that gave them food and blankets. perhaps they think it is lucky. I hope they keep it to remind themselves that they do have at least one friend out here.
today I sat down and counted them to see how many I had returned to me. I have ten. I would have eleven but I gave one to Peter to remind him of what we do and why. he carries it in the front of a wallet he purchased special for it and he shows it to people he deals with and tells them the story behind it.
I have ten here now though.
I sat and wondered what I should do with them. should I keep them as a reminder that people that I have come to know have died? should I keep them to remind myself to try harder? should I just get rid of them and the memories of death they hold?

after some thought I decided to recycle them. I would pass them out with my next ten bundles in September. I would hope that the people I give them to wont be returning them to me this time.
to many who read this they symbolize the pointless deaths of those who have nothing. to me though they represent hope. hope that I can keep this next ten alive.
at least for one more day.

I have these little slips of paper.....


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