Max died on Monday

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Max died on Monday

Post  thanatos on Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:33 pm

Max died on monday I found out today. Max was a nine year old mixed up breed of a street dog that lived with anyone who would care a bit for him. from stories I hear it seems he spent most of his dog life along the Hastings Street area. this last year he was cared for by these five guys. they had banded together for safety and companionship. I knew them and had given them bundles and water before.
I came up o three of them today. I gave them water and stopped to chat. I inquiered after the dog. I had brought Msx food one day and they guys appreciated it. that's when theytold me. he had gotten real sick and spent all monday during the day laying in the shade. they gave him water but around seven he slipped away on them.
they called the police who directed them to the local animal shelter. they came the next morning to take Max away. "They just scooped him up and put him in a big green garbage bag." I was told.
I asked about two of their friends. they then explained to me about the effect of Max's death had on them after talking with me several times.
they told me how they talked afterwards and they kept thinking and talking about why I had become the figure in the costume. they got it. seems that they each decided right then and there to get off the street. the two missing friends had checked into a drug rehab. one fellow had already applied with the welfare for a bus ticket home to Alberta. one had called his son and would be moving back east as well in the next week. the last was getting his stuff together to go to the interior and pick fruit over the summer as a start. he already had a job lined up.
you know what I think?
I think sometimes, just sometimes, death comes along and takes somebody or something to drive home a point.
I'm going to miss you Max.
so will your friends but thanks.

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