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what we saw this week

Post  thanatos on Sat Jul 10, 2010 11:56 pm

I thought I would tell you of the experiences I was able to share with the film crew of 'Fanboy Confessions' over these past three days. we saw lots of things and talked with a lot of people. they were great in that they didnt do a lot of asking questions. instead they filmed a story as it unfolded, and I hope, they learned about us as a whole for the good we can do.

one of the best parts of the cemetery shoot was when a woman with two kids stopped next to us in her car. "Are you filming a movie?" the kids asked. I explained who I was and gave each of the kids a trading card, with mom's approval of course. I chuckled as their eyes got big and they each bent over to read the cards. Mom waved and said thanks and off they went.

we did a walking water handout on Thursday. the temp was up in the high 30's here (high 90's) and we walked around the eastside giving out water and ceral bars and some instant noodle bowls.
we came across a mother and her three children, one in a stroller and the two others walking with her. I called to her and asked if she would like some water for her children for free. sah said yes so I approached and handed them all water bottles and cereal bars. the kids were all eyes and the woman was smiling as I made my way along further.

I stopped to give a bottle of water to one of the local working girls. she asked about me and I explained what I was and what I did. I told her I kept an eye out on everyone down there, even the girls. I mentioned knowing about the 'Missing Women' case here in Vancouver.
she smiled, kinda sadly and said a very hushed and simple "thank you"

one older man simply said 'bless you' as I gave him a couple of bottles. we came upon two young men sitting in the shade and we talked and I explained my self to them. "we get it." they said and liked the idea. one asked me what my name was and when I told him he started asking if that was from Marvel comics. I said more like Zane in 'On a pale horse' and the film crew chuckled as we geeked out for a couple of minutes.
we bumped fist and moved on.

we came up on two young guys sitting on a doorstep smoking crack. I offered them water and chatted with them as they smoked. I kept up wind of it as did the crew.

we came to a corner where a dozen ladies of the evening were in view. I apporoached a pair and offered water and starting to chat as more and more of them came over for the water and to find out what I was about. the film crew grew very nervous seeing me pretty well surrounded by them. some of the girls already knew me from earlier meetings. they all said thanks and we made our way up to Hastings street.

I gave some water to a guy on a bike. the film crew asked if he was homeless as he had a bike. I explained he was one of the drug runners and I gave him water because it was hot and he was a person as well.

we ran out of water, haven given out about 70 bottles at that time. Jen from the film crew ran up to the corner store before I could stop her and purchased another twenty or thrity bottles. the crew of drug dealers on the corner eyed her and sized her up and also kept their eye on us. we moved along to find more people all along the street.

we had people in a resturant wave at us and watch us as we filmed along the street in front of them. everyone was laughing. good times. you gotta have some fun once in a while at this gig.
we made our way back to the cars to go to the crypt and film and then break for the night and get ready for 3am in the morning.

I met up with the crew and they set up the car for filming. a camera man would ride with me along with Micheal on sound. Lady Catacomb would ride with Jen in the chase car with another camerman. we moved out and the handout started slowly as we found no one on comercial drive that morning. moving along though we found lots. as well as my ten usual bundles I had another couple of dozen bottles of water and cereal bars and more instant noodles.

we found what we thought at first were two people who turned out to be three. they were sleeping on the church steps and greatfull for the food. the one lady just sat there staring at the large loaf of bread I had given her.

we moved onto Hastings street and I found some sleeping on the curb. I gave to a pair of people when I girl I had given water to earlier saw me from across the street and yelled a hello to me. we made out way over and gave her and her mother bundles. moe people came up and I gave out the last bundles and started onteh water and cereal bars.
some people knew me as had been the case the day before. one fellow tried to reach past me to grab a bowl of noodles and a lady told him "dont steal! that's Thanatos" he guy stepped back and waited his turn smiling and shaking my hand. I seem to be making friends among the people on the street.

while this was happening Lady Catacomb told me how Jen sat there squeezing her cell phone, ready to call for help as the people came up to me. she was scared at seeing that kind of reaction from them. Lady Catacoimb told her this happens at times and that I was safe and knew what I was doing.

now...just up the street we were being watched by two guys who I know from the street are full memeber Bloods from somewhere in California. one crossed the street and had a look at one of the bundles I gave out while his friend kept his eyes on what I was doing. I couldnt resist giving them a wave as I left and I laughed as one waved and his friend looked at him.

I gave a bundle to a girl on the street. she didnt want it at first but I got her to take it when I said there was food in it. she didnt want the bread I offered. I said she could share it with her friends.
she replied "I dont need friends"
I heard that all night in my dreams. I'm not quite sure what to do, yet. but I'll figure it out.

we tried to find William under his bridge but he wasnt there. his stuff is there but he wasnt home for at least a couple of days. I'm going to keep checking back when I can and make sure he is ok. he could have just found a cooler spot in the heat.

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