some down time

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some down time

Post  thanatos on Thu Jun 10, 2010 1:53 am

been doing some pretty long days at work so I've been home mostly in the evenings with a couple of vehicle patrols here and there.

been planing things out. you have to plan ahead and keep track of small things. having several things on the go at once means organizing is a must.

refitted my first aid puch that I carry in my pocket. it gives me a good selection for some of the things I could come across here. and it fits nicely into the side pocket of my pants so it's out of the way and easy to get at.

working on a bunch of stuff for my upcoming media event here in Vancouver

sorting and cleaning and collecting for my handouts

I also need some time now and then to just chill

we all need some down time to catch up on our lives and some of the little stuff we've put off for a while.

keep your lives in balence and you will bring balence to life. (sounds like it came from 'Mystery Men' don't it?)

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