busy day yesterday

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busy day yesterday

Post  thanatos on Fri May 28, 2010 1:31 pm

Yesterday turned into a busy day for me here. I did what I could to help get the board moved and running. Then I decided to go out and check on things here in Vancouver.

Hastings street was the same as awlways. hundreds of people just waiting around and dealers doing business.

on Cordova street people were lined up for a full block to get a meal at a local mission

after checking downtown I decided to take a spin theorugh some areas of Surrey where the drug problem is just as bad.

while driving I noticed a limo driving badly on the road and when I got up next to it the driver was busy trying to fire up a crack pipe while driving.
I called it into the police and checked around some more.

then checking a area that is pretty well known for drugs I happened across this..

yeah! BUSTED!
moral of story: dont do drugs in a limo on the way to get married.

and yes, everyone got arrested. I feel good after something like that Smile

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