evening at home

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evening at home

Post  thanatos on Sun May 16, 2010 9:47 pm

so after a traffic filled day at work

I plan on spending some time home and getting some stuff done while I have a moment.

with a little help I organized the plastic sheets

that's about 30 of them in the pile. bin full of blankets had to be sorted and redied as well

so while some sit or lay at their leasure, I'm getting a bunch of stuff done towards my handouts and some upcoming 'missions'.

doing this kind of thing isnt just a one or two day thing for me. it takes some organization and planning. it takes a lot of behind the scenes actions to be able to do what I do. (when I do it)
(wow. that's a lot of 'do's')

while it would be ideal to be able to spend all your time patroling or just out doing, you have to be willing to do the basic set ups for your endevors to be sucessful. you also have to balence time for yourself and family as well just to maintain a healthy state of mind.

It's not all running about fighting crime in spandex.

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