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I do what I can

Post  thanatos on Sat May 15, 2010 11:22 pm

I just try to do what I can.

that's what it is all about really. we just go and do what we can because no one else does. we use our costume/uniform/gimick/tutu of doom/whatever you call it, to draw attention to a certain aspect of what we do and the problem we are trying to solve. I use Thanatos, (the one people see), to show how the problems of the homeless and those on the street effect us all. to show that if one person can make a difference doing this then others can make a bigger difference if they do it too.
the Thanatos that no one see's is the crimefighter. that's when I'm out, as myself dressed normal, and I'm watching and listening and learning the areas that I do my work in. I take pictures, video and even gather evidence to give to the police. I am considered by Vancouver Police as a 'reliable source of information'. this is how I have to fight crime here.
The drug problem and gangs are totally out of hand and running the downtown eastside. in order to stop the area from being taken over by drug gangs I have to get the people who live there to want to take more active interest in their corner of the world.
I hope to be able to track my way up the ladder of supply to a high enough point that a major take down by the police can put a sizable dent in the drug market downtown. that would give the area enough of a breather to ome back on it's own, if gently nudged that way.
these people are extremely dangerous not just to me but to themselves as well. twice I have tracked different dealers to one location only to have these guys get into a fight that ends up with one or more of them shot. not brilliant but they are dangerous.

doing this kind of thing is dangerous, that goes without saying. I've read many of your post and most of you seem to have a real passion for doing this. those that seem to do the most at this have that kind of passion. they are the ones you hear about all the time on the news media. their not doing this to get attention just for the sake of bing famous. their drawing attention to what their fighting for. their using the media to reach the masses in the hopes of inspireing others to do something.
they get this kind of attention by simply doing what they do. people on the street, the homeless, the addicts, they talk and the word spreads that their is somebody going around helping them. they talk of superheroes. they understand what we are and stories spread to social workers, to police, to friends. it grows from there.

all of this takes time. you cant change the world overnight. you have to be patient and determined enough to do things and stick it out. you have to have a real stratagy and plan to be effective at this. just going out and looking for crime or people to help is good. I do my walk abouts in my full outfit. it's a great way to remind them your out there. but it does little to solve the larger problems that one may be facing. alot of the social problems we see on the street are due to inaction by people in general. you have to look at a larger picture and decide how to work things towards a positive change.

one person really does make a difference. every major change, event, every movement no matter how large it is now, most religions, empires and kingdoms and counties all started by one person saying 'I want something different"

take a good look around you. you want to make a change for the good where you are. look and see what really needs fixing. then plan out how to fix it. dont be afraid to ask advice. use what works and discard the rest. let your passion for change guide you and you will find what it is your to do.

I believe that we are all sent here for this time for something to come. there is a reson for so many of us coming together and it's not just a wierd pop culture thing. it's something more serious. we shall see over time.

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