what I see when I'm out.

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what I see when I'm out.

Post  thanatos on Fri May 07, 2010 5:35 pm

from time to time I like to share some of the things and people I encounter when out walking around the downtown eastsdie of Vancouver. some of the things I write about are kinda funny, some kinda sad. many are tragic. I've learned that things are not always what they appear. I share these stories for the new people as well. this is a little pook at what your going to come across and experience out there. your going to have to find ways to deal with it. this is real life.

walking in the rain and handing out plastic sheets Icame apon a yong girl stabbing herself in the arm with a syrenge. she was holding it like a dagger and jabbing the short needle deep into her arm with each strike.
"What are you doing?" I asked. I was shocked. she stopped stabing herself to look up at me and try to focus. "can't find a vein" she mumbled as she now started to get a good look at me. "you look like death," she says. "this stuff is really bad isnt it?" she holds out the syrenge.
I told her yes it was bad and told her I was Thanatos. she put the syrenge into a coat pocket and lay down on the wet sidewalk. I covered her with a plastic tarp and moved on.

"what are you doing?" the cop asked me as I stood talking with some older guys on the street. "I'm doing a outreah to the homeless." he nods and asked about the mask. I esplain to him and he just says "cool." we bump knuckles and he walks on along the street with his partner.
the guys are laughing at all of this. "See, I cant be that crazy. they didnt arrest me." I laugh. one guy sitting on teh sidewalk laughs and says "Maybe their getting back up." we all laugh and talk some more before I move on again...

I find a young guy, maybe about 17 and his girlfriend, around the same age huddled in a doorway trying to fill a broken syrenge. their about to start cooking their heroin up. the girl see me and jumps. her boyfriend looks at me and tells her to relax. he has seen me before but cant remember my name. they ran away from back in Ontario about a year ago and have been on the street trying to find a way off the drugs that have become their life. we talk and I move on. I dont judge. that's not why I'm here.

I chat with some of the 'working girls'. their actually glad someobody like me is out watching for them. we had Picton and the Vancouver Missing Women case where he murdered prostitues. some say as many as 200. I've heard many stories about it. the girls have their own little network going as well to keep a eye on each other.

I come across a man and a woman sharing some food in a back ally. they are latino and the man gets up and starts talking rapidly in Spanish. I catch a little bit now and then but I finally get him to stop. "No hablaes Espanol" I say.
He nods and laughs and motions his 'wife' to show me something. it is one of those little portable shrines with a figure of the grim reaper inside. in parts of south America deathis venerated like a saint. I guess they thought I was reprenting the saint for them. we shook hands and exchanged hugs. sometimes I love this gig.

I come apon a large puddle of blood. it is fresh because it is still red and not diluted much from the misty rain that has begun to fall. there is a trail leading between two buildings and taking me out to Cordova street where it ends at the curb. I have no idea as to what might have happened.

I see threee guys working hard to empty a dumpster of bags. I can guess that it's the waste trimings from a grow op someplace. they trim the plants to just keep the buds and dispose of the rest in any garbage bin they can find. the guys were laughing and happy with their find. I talked with them for a bit. They offered me a large garbage bag of weed. I said no thanks and move along up the laneway.

I spoke with Dave, a one legged man in a wheelchair who lives around chinatown. he is dying of leukemia and is expecting to go to the hospital in a few months. he has asked me to find somebody who can use his chair when he goes. he dosnt want it to go to waste.
I tell him I will.

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