elizabeth's original story reposted here

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elizabeth's original story reposted here

Post  thanatos on Sun Apr 04, 2010 12:26 am

When I first met her she told me her name was Typhony, later she daid it was Alexia, then Brandy.
Her name was Elizabeth. She was 17 and had been working the streets for over three years. (you do the math) She shared a room with three other working girls in a cheap hotel on Hastings street.
She would stand at Campbell ave and Hastings all night long. From about five or six in the evening to just past dawn. She had a bad drug habit and hoped to get in to a rehab program after her baby was born. She was eight months long and hoping to hold out to have a Christmas baby.
Her social worker was trying to get her into some type of proper housing so she would be able to live with her baby and get off of the street.
It appears that sometime in the last day or so she and some friends did a massive amount of heroin and meth. They decided to get up on the roof of one of the local buildings to just ride out the high. This involves climbing over a fence and using the fire escape to gain the third floor balcony. then they would climb over another fence at the end to reach the roof. hard to do straight let alone when high.
She fell from this location to the hard parking lot below behind the dumpsters. Police found her today after one of her friends felt bad about what had happened and told someone about her.
Her family apparently hung up on the coroner when he phoned them to tell them what happened to their daughter.
her body will be held for two weeks to allow someone to come forward and claim it for burial or cremation. if unclaimed then the welfare will pay to bury her in a local cemetery.
I'm working with some people and some of her friends to get her a decent grave and a small funeral.

go back to what you were doing. just thought I would share this.

gives a different view as to what is important.


The rain was steady all day. Grey and cold with wind from time to time that would whip it into your face and eyes. The rain was cold and soaked through clothing quickly to leave you wet and miserable.
I watched from a distance away under the pretext of using the trees for shelter from the rain. No such luck I was drenched in no time. I wore my mask because that is how I had met her briefly a few times before. It got soaked and stuck to my face in a clammy sort of way.
The two black cars stopped on the narrow road and several of the groundskeeper came over to act as ready pallbearers. They carried her carefully in the rain and stood by patiently during the service.
There was the funeral director and the Salvation Army chaplin along with a social worker and one friend. One of her room mates I supposed.
I've been to enough funerals. I know the words of commital as well as the preacher. He stood there in the rain and did what he had to do. The other three huddled under a large umbrella while the chaplin said the words.
I watched as he blessed the grave and everyone there. They each threw a handfull of dirt on to the casket before leaving. The chaplin looked my way a couple of times but he wouldnt be able to make me out from there.
I saw the groundskeepers now go to work and using a tractor and a wagon full of the dirt, they had it filled in no time. They packed it down and relaid the sod they had so carefully removed earlier.
The small stone was fitted into the ground and in less than twenty minutes it appeared almost as it had before today.

I was told by the social worker on the phone that she had only one DVD she had purchsed for her baby. She had gotten nothing else so far but the DVD. It is the Disney movie 'Anastatia'. For some reason it was her favorite movie.

There are two names on the headstone.
Elizabeth, and that of her unborn daughter.

Now named Anastatia.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009
sometimes death isnt the end of the story

Most of you have read my stories of the people I meet on the street. unfortunatly, most of them end in death. but I have learned that this is not always the case. sometmes there is more to tell...
I recently wrote of a young girl I had met and her unborn child. Through what is termed 'misadventure' she and her child met a untimly end. Elizabeth and Anastatia.
I told how I had met her and how she had died and what happened afterwards with her body and finding her a proper grave because her parents had shown no interest in what happened to her.
the attitude of her parents really upset me. she had told me she had been molested by both parents at a early age and left home to live on the street because of that. to me this was wrong and a great injustice to her and her child.
taking a lesson from Wolf who taught a few of us to 'think simple' I decided to see what I could do to try and bring her parents to justice if possible.
Having helped to secure her a grave and proper burial allowed me access to information about her family. their name and address and phone number. when the coroner's office here in Vancouver had tried to call them their response was to say 'fuck off' and hang up.
first I tried calling and got the same response before I could explain anything. fine.
next I called the Winnipeg police department and spoke with a officer over the phone. I explained that I did street level work with the homeless and prostitutes here in Vancouver and had met Elizabeth. I told him about her situation and her death and her parents response. I also told him about her claim that they had molested her forcing her to leave home.
he was polite and told me he wasnt sure anything could be done but they would look into it. I gave him my name, Thanatos Necrium, and my number. I didnt mention being a RLSH or anything and just let him think I was a social worker of some sort. He said they would get back to me if anything came of it.
I expected that would be the end of it and I would never hear anything back.
a detective from Winnipeg phoned me today to thank me for passing along the information. he explained that he couldnt go into any details but they (Winnipeg police) would be investigating further and they expected charges would be laid sometime in the near future. he promised to keep me informed and thanked me for what I had arranged for Elizabeth and her child.
I hope justice will be done and that her spirit will find rest now.
sometimes death isnt the end of the story at all.

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